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Add Points To Websites, Get More Traffic With More Points

Add points to websites to get more traffic from Alexa Master. Keep your websites up to boost ranking. Check the tutorials here.

Posted Date : Monday, 22 October 2018

Why you should add points to your website?

You must have points in your websites to get traffic. Otherwise, your traffic will be temporary stopped and it will stop boosting your website rank. Therefore, we recommend you to check your websites time to time and add points to get more traffic everyday. Our recommendation is to keep at least 30,000 points in each website to prevent unwanted disturbance.

How to add points step by step?

  1. Find "Get Visitors" link from side menu. It will open your websites in a list.
  2. Press green colored "+" button as shown on #2. It will open "Add Points" popup window.
  3. Type how many points you need to add (NOTE: you must have enough points in main account).
  4. Press "Add Points" button to finish. It will show a success message if it is done. Otherwise, you will see an error message.
  5. You can see added points in website list as shown on #5.
add pointsadd pointsadd pointsadd points

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