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adults web trafficadults web trafficadults web trafficadults web traffic


Adults Web Traffic, Hidden Money Generators

Adults web traffic generators are keeping many secrets. They make millions of dollars with their porn websites. How it comes?

Posted Date : Sunday, 21 October 2018

How many porn websites are there?

Adults web traffic industry is a huge market. Somehow, we are strictly prohibited promoting adults only materials in our network. Though, we have a fully restricted behavior with pornographic websites, we keep writing our blog articles to mention hw they work, how they make money and many interesting money generating secrets that they keep hidden from public.

As alexa internet data, there are more than 500 top porn websites in the world. They are genuine, licensed publishers under US law. Somehow, there are over 1 million adults network in the world as our researches informed. Most of them are in dark web, they use bit torrents kind of peer to peer networks. Further, there are individuals who turn on their webcam for money. Mainly we can split adults websites in to few sub categories.

  1. Adults video/movie publishers
  2. Pornographic magazines, books services
  3. Adults only games developers, programmers
  4. Adults only social media, video chat sites
  5. Adults web traffic sellers, advertising services

adults web trafficadults web trafficadults web trafficadults web traffic
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How Adults Web Traffic Works?

As you know Google, Facebook, also Alexa Master helps you to advertise your websites and get unlimited traffic. Somehow, adults web industry is not legal in some countries. Porn websites are popular secrets in society though every human is looking for sexual affairs frequently. In other hand, pornographic industry is controlled by popular mafias in the world. Therefore, adults web traffic channels are very rare to be found. But, how they generate web traffic?

  • They use search engine optimization deeper than any other website owners.
  • They use crypto-ads and shorten URLs to mask their links.
  • They are connected with other adults websites by ad banners, link sharing.
  • They advertise their websites without violating terms of service in Google, Facebook, and also Alexa Master.

Adults websites are hidden money generators

Human has 8 main needs and these are biological requirements for human survival, e.g. air, food, drink, shelter, clothing, warmth, sex, sleep. If there are 7 billion people in the world, at least, 50% among them will be fans of sex. Considering this human weakness or whatever, the advertisers are spending more money for adults web traffic. Let say someone got 10,000 members in their website and they pays 0.5 USD subscription each month. The one can generate 5000 USD each month and is it a big deal?

Save the children from monsters!

Finally, I beg you to save children from pornographic mafias and monsters who look to keep growing their pornstars database. Human brain is very mysterious and each child will be curious to feel, explore something very new to their life. As an adults, just let them grow on their way and prevent forcing them to become  what you want. Hope the world will be a better place!

adults web trafficadults web trafficadults web trafficadults web traffic
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