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Coronavirus Red ALERT for community!

Coronavirus is everywhere and this article is to send a red alert to everyone who is in alexamaster community. Follow the instructions on this page!

Posted Date : Sunday, 09 February 2020

Coronavirus is everywhere and this video is to send a red alert to everyone who is in alexamaster community. Not only members, but also their friends, relatives, family members and others. Corona became a global threat and most of Asian countries are suffering from it. Here are some important points you to follow.

Coronavirus cannot kill you!

Coronavirus is not a deadly virus but it can infect many people in society. It kills human who got weak immune system. Senior citizen or children can easily get infected. The good thing is, there are many recovered patients from this disease. However, hospitals and healthcare centers can be busy if there are many cases in your area. Considering this, it's good to protect yourself from this virus.

In 2003, SAARS virus also affected many citizens in the world and it collapsed whole economy in developed countries. This time, the virus is not dangerous like SAARS but it can spread quickly than previous one. Specially, Coronavirus can stay inside a body without showing symptoms up to 14 days. There are many steps that you can avoid the infection,

Steps to protect yourself:

  1. Wash your hands using alcohol, salt-water frequently.
  2. Don't touch door-handles or surfaces that open to public. 
  3. Avoid handshaking, touching strangers or kissing sick people. 
  4. Stay inside your room for 14 days if you have visited any Asian country within last few weeks. 
  5. Use a face-mask when you go outside. 
  6. Avoid processed food such as rare meat. 
  7. Try to use bottled water or boiled water. 
  8. Wash your body before go to the bed!
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Avoid fake news on social media

We have seen many creators in YouTube make videos with coronavirus keyword to get more views to their channel. But the informations they are providing are not reliable. Even you feel the government is hiding the truth, you must avoid fake news. It can only make the situation harder for the society. Considering this, please get reliable updates from WHO and help your government to carry the best they do. There is a reason for hiding real figures from the public. If you think it is unfair, please think twice, everyone is not educated like you. Just keep it calm and relax, everything will be okey soon. Just contact us if you need more support for anything. Alexamaster community is to help, share. People first!

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