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earn pointsearn pointsearn pointsearn points


Earn Points Easily, Alexa Master Unlimited Points Tip

Earn points to get free traffic or to exchange points as money. Alexa Master Unlimited Points for beginners & pros.

Posted Date : Monday, 22 October 2018

Why do you have to earn Points?

Alexa Master system is based on a points system, because it can help advertisers to split their credits in to small parts. Points has its own value and it changes time to time. Unlike a currency, or a crypto, alexamaster points can be destroyed or generated without a help of another currency. Simply, it is a virtual points system that we use to provide a better service to our advertisers and freelancers. What can you do with these points?

  • You can exchange them as website visits (Web traffic) or ad clicks, video views, etc.
  • You can use points to hire a freelancer from Alexa Master Market.
  • You can use them to send messages to another friend.
  • You can exchange points with real money to get payouts.

The way to earn points step by step

  1. Press "Earn Points" from side menu. It will open a new webpage as shown below.
  2. From the menu, you can select different ways to earn points.

earn pointsearn pointsearn pointsearn points

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