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edit profileedit profileedit profileedit profile


Edit Profile, Change name, Birthday, Other

Edit Profile, Change name, Birthday, Job Title, Star sign, and other in alexamaster system. Editing your account is very easy here.

Posted Date : Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Keep updated your user account for more features

Completed user accounts are able to unlock more features in alexamaster system. Updating your account is easy and we advise you to submit your real information to our website. Specially, we need you to submit your real name, profession, accurately. Please follow the steps to edit your user account.

  1. Press settings (wheel icon) button in your profile as shown on #1.
  2. Edit form carefully. Do not insert wrong data here.
  3. Press change button to finish.

edit profileedit profileedit profileedit profile

Understanding Edit Profile form

  1. First Name: Type your first name/ given names.
  2. Last Name: Type your last name/surname or father's name here
  3. Gender: Your gender/sex
  4. What you want : Select what you want to do with our website
  5. Your occupation: Select your occupation/job from this list
  6. Birthday: Your birthday (NOTE: do not forget your birthday)
  7. Star Sign: Your astrological sign (if you know)
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Try Reading Add and Edit Your Profile Info | Facebook Help Center | Facebook

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