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Get 100% Organic Traffic From Alexa Master

Learn how to receive 100% organic traffic from Alexa Master community. Protect your Adsense or other ads accounts easily

Posted Date : Sunday, 11 October 2020

Using Google Adsense or other similar services to make money online? We understand that you need 100% organic traffic to your website to prevent unwanted removals from ads networks. Alexa Master is a secret tool that has monetised many small businesses since 2013, and our community has the ability to improve your sales secretly. If you can follow our guidelines here, we can guarantee that your Adsense or any other account will be 100% safe and never get a ban because of Alexa Master traffic.

What is an organic traffic?

A traffic that generates naturally, will be called organic traffic. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Baidu generate search information and link your website with their result page. Also social media can list your web pages and send visitors from their platform. Wikipedia is one of the huge sources to get unlimited organic visits to your website. With the latest updates in our community, Alexa Master can bring you a considerable natural traffic from more than 150,000 registered members.

How can Alexa Master generate real traffic?

Our platform has two different traffic options for our advertisers. One is automatic traffic and the other is real traffic. Automatic traffic is used by web developers to test their servers under a huge traffic, and also they increase page views, impressions, and search engine visibility using this traffic.

Somehow our real traffic is generated by the community members who will check/moderate your advertised website to keep our community clean. We can promise you that our real traffic will be,
  1. Coming from unique IP addresses.
  2. Visitors will interact with your page from top to bottom.
  3. It can generate sales, if the service/product is impressive.
  4. There might be clicks on your ads time to time.
  5. The visitor will vote your website as Good or Bad.
  6. Alexa Master moderators will keep their eye on your site.
  7. The location of the visitor is real and mainly from residential areas.
The bad side or our organic traffic is that it takes more days to deliver your order. As we target only real humans, the traffic will be slower than automatic traffic and it will be limited in some countries like Singapore, Brunei, and Dubai. 

Advanced settings for Adsense users

If you have published some ads from Google or similar ads providers who have a strict policy, you must be very careful when you use Alexa Master tools. Your traffic settings can lead you to face many troubles such as bounce rate issues, continuing visitor issues, and mostly lack of interaction from the visitors. Considering your safety, please follow the settings shown below with your Alexa Master account. Also avoid making quick orders, if you need a long term traffic.
  1. Set visits per day around 1000 maximum.
  2. Select Direct traffic from the traffic source.
  3. Increase stay on page value to its maximum.
  4. Do not forget to select Real Traffic as visits type.
We also recommend you to target Whole World as the target zone, and All Countries as the target country. After a couple of weeks, you can increase your daily target by comparing traffic reports from Google Analytics. Please contact our support team to learn more technical details about Alexa Master's digital marketing tools.

organic trafficorganic trafficorganic trafficorganic traffic
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Things not to do while running Alexa Master real traffic

  1. Do not advertise your website on traffic bots.
  2. Never connect your site with traffic exchanges.
  3. Avoid selecting automatic traffic options in Alexa Master.
  4. Stop making automated backlinks from spam bots.
  5. Do not violate Google's quality guidelines.
NOTICE: As we have no control over your website or Google services, we cannot guarantee anything related to your results. Please contact our team before submitting your websites, and they will be there to guide you to have a safe experience. 
organic trafficorganic trafficorganic trafficorganic traffic
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