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Good Votes, Bad Votes Shown On User Account

Good Votes or Bad Votes? Your user account shows both in Alexa Master. Learn what are Good Votes and Bad Votes in alexamaster.net

Posted Date : Tuesday, 23 October 2018

What are Good Votes in user profile?

We love Good members. When you work hard for us, we donate you Good votes. To get more Good votes, just go to Earn Points section. Also you can increase Good votes by promoting our website to your friends. Specially, if you have more Good votes, you will have more chances to win our contests.

What are Bad Votes and how they affect?

When you do something Bad, like providing incorrect data, cheating our system, hurting our members, etc, You will get Bad votes. If you get more Bad votes, system will lock your user account without giving any notice. Be careful!good votesgood votesgood votesgood votes

How to find my Good Votes and Bad Votes?

Just check the screenshot above,

  1. Good Votes will be shown with green color "UP" icon.
  2. Bad Votes will be shown with red color "Down" icon.

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