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Locked User Account Very Strictly

Moderators locked your user account? Here is the way to unlock your user account and remove Bad Votes permanently. Only for alexamaster members.

Posted Date : Wednesday, 07 November 2018

Did our moderators lock your user account?

Normally, we lock your user account when you have violated our Terms Of Service (TOS). It is highly recommended to read our User Agreement time to time to prevent unnecessary interruptions. Please note, our moderators are not able to remove Bad Votes from your account without having permissions from a manager. Also our moderators cannot unlock accounts if it is locked by a manager. To make sure, please contact us and request a review to find out the exact issue.

When do we lock a user account from our system?

  1. When you have created fake accounts from same IP address.
  2. When you have added a garbage/fake email as contact email.
  3. When you have submitted a code, email, number as your first name or last name.
  4. When you have submitted invalid data, spam, or malicious contents. 
  5. When you have violated our TOS or other rules.

How long will it take to unlock a User Account?

It depends on the reason. Sometime, we will unlock your user account within 30 days. Sometime, it will take light years to unlock your locked profile. Therefore, we recommend you to follow our TOS carefully to prevent losing your account. 

Any special chance for VIP members?

No! Rules are rules for Free and VIP members both. Be respectful to our TOS always!
locked accountlocked accountlocked accountlocked account
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