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Moderate Websites, Earn Good Votes, Points

Moderate websites to earn points, good votes from Alexa Master. You can exchange points with money or get traffic using them.

Posted Date : Monday, 22 October 2018

What is moderating websites?

Out traffic generating system takes many websites to be advertised and we always keep our eyes on those websites. Specially, we do not allow anyone to violate our advertising rules. Therefore, we have a 24/7 active moderators to check our active websites. The problem is, bad advertisers are able to change their contents anytime and bypass our moderating filters. Therefore, we need real humans to detect bad websites from our database. Every freelancers can join our workforce and notify us Good/Bad websites. As a return, they can earn more points and good votes after completing our moderating task.

How to moderate websites to earn points & Good Votes

First Step: Identify website moderating items in Earn Points section.
  1. Press "Earn Points" from side menu. It will open a new webpage shown below.
  2. Scroll down on page and find green colored boxes as shown on #2. Then press "Eye" button to open a website to moderate.
NOTE: You must enable popups windows in your browser to run this.

moderate websitesmoderate websitesmoderate websitesmoderate websites
Second Step: Moderating websites very carefully
  1. Check the opening web page at least 20 seconds.
  2. Then it will offer you to mark the website as Good or Bad. If the website is violating our rules, just press "Bad" button. Otherwise, you can press "Good" button.
  3. (I) If website is good, you have to select it background color from the choices and submit. (II) If it is a bad website, you have to select the violation from the list and submit.
Please be noted that our moderators are always checking your user account time to time. If they found you are selecting bad websites as good website or vice versa, they will add Bad Votes to your account manually. Therefore, always check the website twice before voting them. If you can do this well, you will make more points and good votes easily from Alexa Master.moderate websitesmoderate websitesmoderate websitesmoderate websites
Try Reading Account Good votes and Website Good votes in Alexa Master

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