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Moderator Locked Websites Strictly

Moderator locked websites in Alexa Master? Learn how to unlock them and find out the exact issue easily. Know everything about our advertising terms.

Posted Date : Wednesday, 07 November 2018

Did our moderator lock your website?

There can be many reason for locking a website from our system. Alexa Master is an advertising platform that has strict rules related to advertised contents. The advertisers must be liable for everything that they advertise here. Mainly our terms of service provides a clear explanation about locking websites, ads, images, users from our system. In this article, I will only discuss about locked websites.

The process of website moderation

After you have submitted your website to our website, Alexa Master AI will check your websites under different automatic filters that our developer has inbuilt. During this process, the site will get few visits from our moderators located in 120+ countries in the world. After moderation, it will get its traffic from trusted sources. But, one of our inspectors will manually review the website before releasing it to the public. In this process, our inspector will consider a lot.
  • If there are more bad votes from our moderators, the site will be locked. 
  • If there are many fake accounts connected with this site, it will be black-listed.
  • If the website has too many ad banners from untrusted advertisers, it will be locked.
  • If the website has technical errors, bandwidth issues, or a lack of loading all contents, it will be also locked.

How to prevent getting bad votes from moderators?

Moderators are always watching at your website 24/7. And, they will mark your website as a bad website if it is violating our terms of service. Here are important terms that you must follow.

  1. Adults only images, videos, music and any other that violate Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
  2. Viruses/malware and other harmful programs like EXE/APK files.
  3. Illegal drugs, drinks and related products.
  4. Terrorist promotions and hateful/hurtful contents.
  5. Third party trademarks and copyrighted contents.
  6. Traffic exchanges, AutoSurf, Pop Ads, BitCoin mining scripts, OR Google black-listed domains.
  7. Websites with technical errors OR Slow/heavy contents

How to unlock locked websites?

First of all, remove everything on your website that violate our terms of service. Then contact us and request a review. If your websites violate our rules frequently, it will bring your user account Bad Votes. Also it will lead your domain/website to be blacklisted from our system and partner websites. Please note, we cannot guarantee white-listing any black-listed website/domain!
locked websiteslocked websiteslocked websiteslocked websites
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