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reset passwordreset passwordreset passwordreset password


Reset Password Inside Your User Profile

Reset password after login to your alexamaster account. Keep Alexa Master profile safely. Steps to reset your password.

Posted Date : Monday, 22 October 2018

Why you should reset password time to time?

We have introduced a country lock feature and it will not allow anyone to access your account from another country. Somehow, members can unlock this country lock. Specially, VIP can access their account from any country without any interruption. As our specialist advised, you must reset your password time to time to keep your alexamaster user account safe. Here is the method to reset your password after login to your user account.
reset passwordreset passwordreset passwordreset password

Reset password easily, quickly, safely!

  1. Press the button shown on #1. It will open a popup window to reset password.
  2. In the form, type your current password in first text box. Then type your new password. And retype your new password in third text box.
  3. Press "Change" button to reset your password.
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Try Reading How to Create a Strong Password By Nick Douglas

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