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Rich Article to Increase Site Traffic

Want to increase traffic, build credibility, improve your search engine rankings and get people talking about your business at no cost?

Posted Date : Friday, 02 November 2018

Step 1: Set up your site for maximum "Searchability"

Your site has to feature the keywords your potential customers use to search for your product if you want them to find you. To determine your keywords, type a word or term you think people in your market might search for into Yahoo! Search Marketing's Keyword Selector Tool to find out how many people searched for that particular term over the past month. It'll also show you a list of related words and phrases and how often they were searched over the last month, too.Once you've generated a list of useful keyword ideas, you can do some more serious research. Wordtracker goes into more depth to show you not only what people are searching for online but also how many other sites are competing for the same audience. You're looking for search terms that are popular but don't have too many sites competing for them. Wordtracker is a paid service, but you can sign up for a day for less than $8 and for a week for less than $27.Now that you have some great keywords for your market, find as many places as you can to plug them into your site. Use them in your title tags, source code, page copy, headers and subheads, and your opt-in.

Step 2: Create a keyword-rich article.

Write a keyword-rich article that relates to what you sell, then give it away to other sites for free. Believe it or not, this is one of the best ways to drive a steady stream of eager customers to your site. Why does it work? Well, people basically come online for one of two reasons: to check their e-mail or to look for information. Sure, some of them end up making purchases, but this isn't generally the reason they log on. They want the answer to a question or the solution to a problem and you can provide that in a short article.
Make sure that each article you write contains rare, valuable or hard-to-find information. Not only will this increase the chances that other site owners or managers will post your article, it'll also increase the number of visitors who click through to your site after reading it.For example, if you have a site that sells used golf equipment, you could write an article about three things to look for in a good, pre-owned putter. Or if you sell an e-book about setting up your own home computer network, why not write an article about common problems people have in setting up a wireless router? Look for article ideas in the questions people ask you all the time or in the things you often see people doing wrong. Share hot new tips on how to use the products you sell, or talk about trends you've spotted in your industry. 
  • Be no longer than 400 words (not even a whole page in Microsoft Word)
  • Contain a relevant keyword in the first 90 characters
  • Contain the keyword in the first and last paragraphs
  • Have a short, credibility-building bio with a link to your site at the end. For instance, "Joe Smith is a recognized authority on the subject of widgets. His site, Joes Widgets Website, provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you'll ever need to know about widgets."

rich articlerich articlerich articlerich article
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rich articlerich articlerich articlerich article

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