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Traffic Exchanges, Modern Tools & Methods

Traffic Exchanges, modern tools & methods to get the top of search engines. Save your reputations from traffic bots and malware. Read here.


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Traffic Exchanges Vs Alexa Master

Traffic exchanges are normally a system which help you to submit your website and get traffic. To get traffic, you have to visit other websites frequently. Alexa Master system is based on similar concepts, but not like traditional traffic exchanges. Alexa Master is a community where webmasters, freelancers, website owners get together. It has a realtime chat facility and a method to hire freelancers easily. Currently, alexamaster website has more than 100,000 members all over the world. Read following blog articles to learn more about traffic exchanges!
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Traffic Exchanges Vs Traffic Bots

Traffic bots are not a traffic exchange. It is kind of a software program (Or a script) that sends automated visits (fake hits) to any website. Traffic bots normally use cloaking techniques to change browser name, operating system, IP address and location data. Traffic bots are black-hat tools and most popular companies including Google has blacklisted these traffic. To get most benefits from a visit, the visitor must be real and using a modern browser/computer to surf your website. Alexa Master is not a bot or a black-hat tool. Read more articles below.

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Rich Article To Increase Site Traffic

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Web Traffic Rankings

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