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AutoSurf - Help Center

Learn how to surf without getting locked ...

General Knowledge

AutoSurf means, you open a web page that we provide and it will show you advertisements frequently. Then you can earn points without wasting your time. Anyway, you must be a registered member in this website to get your AutoSurf URL. You can contact our support team for more help..

Want to boost your earning ?

Open your AutoSurf page from following countries and earn up to 5-10 points from each surf. specially, you can earn a lot of points if you have computers in Canada, US, UK, India, and EU countries. Please note, most of our advertisers will not pay more points, if your AutoSurf is located in Non-English speaking countries like China, Russia, Ukraine, ...

Only one AutoSurf per IP

AutoSurf need unique visitors from everywhere in the world. Therefore, we do not allow more than one AutoSurf page from an IP address. But it does NOT mean that you can only open one AutoSurf page. You can easily share your AutoSurf page with your friends and let them keep running it. Then you will gain more points. Just keep noted, ONLY one AutoSurf PER IP !!!

Content blockers can harm you

Please, do not use Ad-Block plugins, White-List plugins to filter our advertisements. Do not block opening pages. We have a special tracking system to catch content blockers and if it found any, it will lock your whole account without giving any notice. Please, help us to provide a quality traffic.

Spend 2 minutes to gain more points

Our community members always use Alexa toolbar to check Alexa rank of their websites. Therefore, you need to install Alexa Plugin/Addon or Toolbar when you run AutoSurf. If you have it, you will gain more points than a normal browser can make. Just spend 2 minutes to install Alexa and increase your earning forever.

Never use bots or proxies

Aha ... did you find any bot that say it will give you points? You are welcome to use them, but do not complain us that we locked you. We found more than 20 automated bots that generate alexamaster points using AutoSurf URL. Yeah, we personally know those developers. And we will be the first buyer for any of alexamaster bots. Some developers sold those bots for just $3 and cheated their buyers. Because, most of them used popular proxies to generate traffic and our system banned those users without any warning. But we let some users to continue cheating, because they help us to improve our filters. We know, you can mask your UserAgent, but you must understand one simple thing. You must download everything that we send you. Otherwise, you get locked. You do not need a bot to earn points, if you follow our rules. And do not forget, Bots will come with spyware/malware. Do you really want to risk your computer for few bucks?

Keep your eyes on AutoSurf

Yea yea ... you are the one who help us to catch as*holes who misuse our advertising system. Just keep catching unwanted sites and inform us ASAP! Ahh ... You will get Good Votes and Extra Points when you help our staff(If they found you are helpful).

Some Browsers are really crazy!

Some browsers can break the AutoSurf process and stop your earnings. Specially, we have seen that some browsers has secret proxies that collect your personal data. Considering legal issues, we cannot post their names here. So, be very careful when you select your browser. And, please do not play with Cookies and your Session ID. You cannot make more profits by cheating AutoSurf, because our advertisers will not pay you when you are not visiting them. Advertiser can make a complain anytime and request our moderators to block your IP address from system.

How many AutoSurf pages per user?

Unlimited! But when you hit our server rapidly, the system might reject some of your requests. This might confuse you. So, we recommend you to check our system yourself if you open a lot of AutoSurf pages. Currently, we have users that open more than 100 surf pages and technically, they are fine with our resources.

About VPS owners

We never forget you. You can run AutoSurf in your VPS and earn extra money to pay your bills. But please, do not break our rules. Again, please provide your traffic without blocking contents in pages. Just keep your eyes on network. If your network acts weird, you will lose your hard work. Recommending to choose an unlimited bandwidth!

Developer is helpless :(

Guys, I know you think I am strict with this. Really, I am not! I love everyone and do my best to keep updating this system. If you get locked, please do not blame me. There are a lot of security filters and moderators inside this system. Even I am not answering support tickets or emails directly. I just collect data and update the system time to time. Honestly, if you get any trouble, you can PM me via Facebook. I will never reject your kind request!

Need a Support?

We know you are really confused about our rules. So, why don't you take our support?

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