Alexa Master - Auto Surf

You can open this page in any computer and earn points. But only one page per IP ...
Error: 2 Active Surfing windows are opened in this IP. Close all of them and wait 5 minutes to earn points.
Help Us: We want to share our money with you. But our advertisers don't pay us if traffic is no good. Then we have to be strict on you. We are very kind, and always try to make money and share with you. But unfortunately, some bad people misuse us. To pay you, we need to increase our sales. You 100% know that we never forget paying you. So please do not block any content on opening pages. Let it run as it does. Do not block scripts. Do not use bots. If the opening site is violating our rules, just inform us. Please help us!

Copy below URL and open on more computers to earn more points.

Install Alexa Plugin

  1. If you have installed Alexa plugin in your browser, you will get more points per one surf. Else, you earn only 1 point per one surf.
Install Alexa Plugin

Get More Points

  1. You can earn more points by watching third-party videos. (You need to be logged in to the system to start this feature)
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