7 SEO Tricks that Improve the Conversion Rate

Try these surefire SEO tricks that not only increase your web traffic but also boost the conversion rate of the business.

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SEOs see the SEO title often only as a pure ranking booster. But what about traffic and conversions? Can the SEO title make sense here? The answer is Yes!

If you ask an SEO for the value of a title tag, he will answer you: "Sure, ranking is relevant. Pack the corresponding keywords pure!"

About conversions via SEO-Title is seldom spoken about. As a rule, this task is delegated to the SEO description. It should be the elevator pitch in the SERPs. However, there are certain exceptions.

Let's take a look at the 7 recommendations from the MOZ Whiteboard Friday to boost the conversion rate:

1: Use Numbers in the Title Tag

Example: Top 10 SEO Blogs in India

What is the psychological principle behind it? Numbers convey the impression of hand-held facts and thus safety. If you are looking for something, find answers - clear and safe answers.

2: Use Date Tags in the Title Tag

Example: The Most Important SEO Trends in 2022

This kind of formulation also promises facts. It works very well with topics, where it is important to stay up-to-date.

3: Pay Attention to the Length

An ETSY study clearly shows that short and concise title tags are best to convert. The recommendation is 50 to 60 characters. The best keyword should be included.

Use a good snippet tool that will show you the length of your Titles.

4: Synonyms and Variants

Use synonyms of your keywords in interesting variants. Make sure that this results in a reasonable rate.

Example: Better Digital Marketing with Local SEO Tricks

5: Form a Call-to-Action in the Title

This tip is somehow logical. If you want to motivate someone to click, you should bring a motivating prompt.

Example: Local SEO Tricks 2022 - Download Now

6: Use Keywords that actually Bring Traffic to your Website

Let’s assume, your website is for a keyword like "Increase Sales". Then it is smart to include such a keyword within the title.

Example: Using Local SEO Tricks to increase your Sales

This is in line with expectations and the keyword "increase sales" appears bold in the title.

7: Formulate the Title Tag as a Question

What is the mechanism here? Questions make the reader curious and motivate them to click.

Example: How to successfully implement SEO Tricks?

It is the same principle as for interim headings, which are formulated as questions.

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I do using Google tags in my website, I am not good technic so no results good. I think making friends and build a personal group best for marketing. may be SEO is old now. influencer marketing is my secret!

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