About Alexa Master 2022 New Update

About Alexa Master, our community has a new update on 2022. The whole website has been changed and this what you can feel & experience in this year.

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After a long running 5 years, we have retired our old framework which had many difficulties with the GUI. The turning point began on May 2022 with our modern website that based on RND Framework. This framework has been noted as a fast growing, yet easy to develop mainframe that fully support all kinds of devices. Here are list of features that our new update includes.

Features About Alexa Master 2022

  1. You can easily buy many products & services using one single quick order.
  2. Resellers can use a Non-branded traffic report which is downloadable.
  3. Accepting crypto currencies and Payeer for Non-PayPal users.
  4. Helping bloggers to make money faster than before.
  5. Online sellers & freelancers can make sales faster.
  6. Added a new chat system to communicate with each others.
  7. You can donate your points to other members.
  8. You are able to share virtual gifts online now.
  9. Separated categories in the earn points section.
  10. Increase earning ways through Promoting section.
  11. Increased daily bonuses for everyone.
  12. Fixed some issues with the Plugins section.

As freelancers takes a big part in our community, this new update might affect them in various ways. For example, if you are a AutoSurf runner, our modern mechanism can hit sudden strikes on your account, though it seems you are running well. Please follow our helper articles, youtube videos, and customer care guidelines to avoid any unpredicted events. 

What about Alexa Rank after its retirement?

It is a sad news that Amazon has taken down world's largest ranking system, Alexa Web Traffic rank. Even though it is a problem for many marketers, we keep using other famous services in the world to help all online marketers who need a long term solution. Similar Web Traffic Rank is one of the famous tool among digital marketers. However, the expensive plans and inaccurate data has made a way out for most of their users.  As a respect to the SmilarWeb development, we recommend you to use that tool once in your life. 

As an alternative, we recommend you to use Supreme Search, in case you need extra benefits for your marketing affect. From our experience, we can say that Supreme Search Engine can improve your SEO, crawling speed, and many other SERPs related areas. On the other hand, we can recommend you to use following services to check your website ranking.

  • CloudFlare Analytics - Track every visit by securing your website.
  • SEMRush - All in one marketing toolkit to boost online marketing.
  • Ahrefs - Another amazing online marketers' tool box.
  • Ubersuggest - One of the best products by Neil Patel.

All these are about Alexa Master advertisers who need an alternative to the Alexa rank. If you are familiar with any other tool, please let us know and we will share it with our community members directly. Please leave it on the comments box down there.

How to track web traffic using Google Analytics 4?

As you know well, Google's Universal Analytics will be retired or suspended on 2023. Everyone is moving to the GA4, which is Google Analytics version 4. This might affect many advertisers as GA4 has a totally different tracking concept. If you are a digital marketer who does not know about different between Old Google Analytics and the New Version, please visit Universal Analytics versus Google Analytics 4 data article that comes from the official Google answers. But how this two different versions affect your marketing campaigns and about Alexa Master traffic orders.

For example, in Universal Analytics, number of users will be similar with visitors you receive from Alexa Master. Somehow, in GA4, these visitors will be treated as Page Views which is known as an event. These page views might not be converted as users if followings happen. It is not about Alexa Master web traffic quality, it is all about the new update.

Reasons why users are not tracked in GA4

  1. Visitor has visited your website within last 30 minutes (Not 5 minutes).
  2. User open your website in background or on a separate desktop/workstation.
  3. Web browser, firewall, or antivirus blocks GA4 tracking activities.
  4. The visitor is from a private browser or a location.
  5. The ISP or local network has banned or limited Google Analytics.
  6. Google Analytics generates bugs with visitor's computer.
  7. The visitor's IP has black-listed, sanctioned by GA4.

Our research team has run dozens of different testings between Universal Analytics and Analytics version 4 and identified that GA4 still needs improvements to avoid their tracking reliability & accuracy. It is noted that Google has worked hard to design the new version. Though we respect Google Developers for this awesome product, every marketer must understand that the best tracking comes from your own data, not from third party JavaScripts that easy to break on client's side. 

Got any update regarding Alexa Master payouts in 2022?

Here we go for a brand new update that helps crypto lovers. Our latest update is all about Alexa Master community members who need a passive income. Payout section has been redeveloped, yet many things have not come. Our team works on inventing Payeer payouts that help you to convert your points as BTC, ETH, or Ruble also. We also love to help any freelancer from Ukraine who are affected by the ongoing crisis. As we are a global service that not biased to any religion, nation, or a political party, you are welcome to join our community and build a good income source for your future.

Finally, there are many updates to come up in near future. Our team is working hard to develop a smooth platform that support advertisers & freelancers for the best. Please comment down on this article to share your ideas, complaints & any feedback. 

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It takes 6 hours to buy points with skrill option. please make it automatic. we are frequent buyers. all is nice and easy navigating. lovely website )

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