Alexa Master Adsense Usage, Do Not Try This!

Alexa Master Adsense usage is totally risky. But smart publishers use it to grow their monetization. Learn how Adsense and alexamaster rocks!

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Alexa Master Vs Adsense can hurt you!

Using traffic to Adsense websites is totally dangerous as a beginner. It can hurt like a monster and lead you a big lost. So, keep noted following points before starting anything with Alexa Master.

  • Alexa Master has many methods to generate traffic.
  • Alexa Master can generate 100% organic traffic to your website.
  • Alexa Master Autosurf will generate only automatic visits.
  • You can use Banner/Text ads with alexamaster to generate real, unique visits.
  • There is a marketplace in alexamaster. There you can hire SEO experts & traffic sellers.
  • Autosurf traffic can generate up to 5000 visits per minute.
As alexamaster generates a huge traffic, you better mind your bandwidth usage always. We recommend you to use a caching method to save your bandwidth. 

Alexa Master Adsense Usage, Do Not Try This!

But Alexa Master Adsense Risky?

Yes! it is only for pro users who know how to send real organic visits from alexamaster. If you are a beginner, never select Auto traffic from settings. It can send a lot of visitors suddenly and kill your bounce rate in a flash. 

Secret of sending alexamaster auto traffic

  1. Always put a daily traffic limit.
  2. Start daily limit with 1000 visitors and increase it dramatically.
  3. Keep checking your bounce rate always.
  4. Contact customer care agents and get personal advises related to your campaign.
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October 18, 2018, 11:14 am
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