Alexa Master AutoSurf API architecture and use

This document explains about Alexa Master AutoSurf API architecture and it use. Avoid getting Bad Votes while auto surfing with this support document.

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Alexa Master AutoSurf API architecture can be totally complex for a beginner, even if we have developed it from our best. However, it will be easy to learn the process, if you can understand the use of our AutoSurf. First of all, we will start explaining things from the ground level.

Why does the Alexa Master community need an AutoSurf system?

You know that we help our advertisers to get traffic from different sources to increase their ranking. Also, these advertisers use our visitors to troubleshoot their technical issues, bugs and errors on their websites. An organic traffic which comes from search engines cannot do that as the traffic is limited at all. This is the main reason that they purchase web traffic from alexamaster. Even though our price is cheap, we always look after the quality of our service. AutoSurf service helps us to generate unlimited unique visitors to any website with a reasonable fee.

Advertised websites are listed for real time visits

Once an advertiser had submitted his/her website to get traffic, our system put those web addresses (URLs) to a list which is accessible through the AutoSurf API. These web URLs will be available to receive traffic, if our moderators allow them to be listed on our network. Web pages which are violating our Terms of Service (TOS) will be blocked temporarily or permanently. This means, if you see any website through Alexa Master AutoSurf API, that one is accepted by our moderators. 

However, a bad advertiser can manipulate the website and cheat our moderators. Therefore, we recommend you to keep watching your opening websites to catch some unnecessary popup ads, adults only pages or other contents that violate our TOS. If you found any material that abuse our service, contact our 24/7 active support team to remove the website as soon as possible.

How does this AutoSurf API work with computers?

First you have to open the AutoSurf from your computer using our browser plugin or web URL. It will register your IP address with our system and block your surfing experience if,
  1. Your alexamaster account is banned.
  2. The IP address you use is banned.
  3. Auto surfing feature is locked by moderators.
If the system finds you as an allowed member to connect with the AutoSurf API, then it will send you a website from our advertised list. At this point, you have to be very careful with the opening website.
  1. Do not block opening website.
  2. Disable Adblock plugin, if you use.
  3. Make sure you let the advertise website to load naturally.
  4. Do not block JavaScripts or Cookies on browser.
Please note that the opening website has a tracking code, a JavaScript that informs our system whether you have visited the website or not. If you block the website fully or partially, our system will identify your IP address as a bad one and put an IP strike on it. Each IP strike will bring your user account some Bad Votes which will mark you as a Bad Freelancer. Therefore, let the advertised website behave naturally.

We guarantee that you will gain your points without any issue, if you let our system work as it does. The system will never put IP strikes or Bad Votes, if YOU, your network or your browser does not interact with the Alexa Master AutoSurf API.

Strict privacy of modern web browsers is dangerous!

We have identified a cache bug with modern web browsers that block our tracking code from time to time. In rare occasions, it can happen with some browsers like Google Chrome. Please contact our support team and inform them to run a quality check on your AutoSurf, if it happens.

Also it is your responsibility to set your browser’s privacy settings to work with our API. We cannot guarantee anything, if you keep using private browsing with Alexa Master. We never spy you like other big companies do. Therefore, we hope you will trust our service always!
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December 25, 2020, 8:55 am
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