Alexa Master is not a Get Rich Quick Website

There are many GET RICH QUICK programs & websites. This blog article explains why you cannot achieve this with Alexa Master Community.

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Over the last decades, GET RICH QUICK schemes have been popular and many investors lost their money on those programs. Ponzi or Pyramid hierarchy can wipe down your pocket money within a one night, therefore read this article to understand why you should avoid this kind of website. The Alexa Master community is all about fun and networking, though you can have small rewards from time to time. We allow you to withdraw your rewarded points to PayPal or crypto wallets as an encouragement, but we do not promise you that we will make you rich. This article will explain to you the main targets of our platform, so please read and understand all of them.

What is the Alexa Master Community?

It helps you to create your free account to use our digital marketing tools, communicate with other users such as freelancers, advertisers, online marketers, bloggers, etc. And also it helps you to find remote workers, sell your freelance services, and find new friends who work in your same industry. Even though we have a VIP membership program, our team keeps focusing on providing freemium services to encourage young entrepreneurs and start-up companies. Users who purchase VIP days collaborate with our website and support to allocate more intensives to the freelancers who work at home.  Simply, Alexa Master Community shares resources, knowledge and revenue between its users to develop a clean network. Here you are not able to get rich quickly, but you can improve your skills & knowledge. 

Do payouts help us get rich quickly?

As we mentioned clearly, payouts are there to encourage users only. It may be delayed due to many reasons, depending on the payout method you select. We never promise that we will make you rich, but our staff always allocate a good share for our freelancers. It is noted that a user can collect several payouts per month, considering the activities and rewards in the account. Somehow, becoming a VIP is not necessary for a user who wants to earn money from the Alexa Master community. We advise you to learn why VIP membership is important for an advertiser, not for a freelancer.  You can work to request a payout, but you cannot multiply your earnings like pyramid or Ponzi schemes. If you join our website by thinking that you can become rich faster, please leave the website as soon as possible. 

Free means you pay nothing, the host pays you!

Many people misunderstand the meaning of a freemium service. Alexa Master is a free service that doesn't charge from a user, though there are reasons to make a purchase. Some scam websites ask you to make a payment to register your account and get paid after that. You should understand that asking for a payment before paying any money cabe be shady. A pyramid scheme always works on this design, and it can collapse at one point. We do not charge you any fee for your free registration. You get an opportunity to earn points in the system and spend them to promote your online business. You are able to purchase points or extra features, if you are not willing to collaborate with our community. On the other hand, you can exchange points as money, but we are not liable to pay everyone as we have clearly mentioned on our Terms of Service (TOS). As long as we have advertisers who purchase our services, we keep sharing those money with our active freelancers. All that hard work is to keep everyone happy while they share their knowledge with each other. Since 2013, we keep running this platform with the help of world's biggest advertising platforms, trading websites and talented freelancers. 

Think twice before you try getting rich quickly!

Before you dream something big, it is your responsibility to think again and again what you are capable of. Here are questions you must ask yourself before trying any website or a mobile-app to make money online faster.
  • What is your true passion and skills?
  • Are you going to work in an industry that you love?
  • How does your family or parents accept the industry you want to work in?
  • Does it cost an initial payment? Are you able to afford it?
  • In case you face a trouble, is there someone to support you?
  • Can money really give you the happiness you want?
We have seen many rich people who cannot sleep at least 2 hours per day. Many of them are sick mentally or physically. If you want to get rich quickly, you might need a good plan which energies you to work everyday until you reach your goals. Those goals can include many mini targets that you must achieve everyday. Having a nice timetable, a healthy diet, and the freedom to relax can boost your productivity more than a virtual portal that promises you to generate a truckload of cash. People who lost money in Crypto industries always know that cash flow is volatile. It is identical that every human has to go with the flow to skyrocket their income, even though the career reputation is important more than anything.Life has many challenges and hidden treasuries. Once you become loving yourself, you start exploring many opportunities that bring you wealth. A day dreamer always waits for the god, astrology, or someone else to bring them a couple of bucks for free. But the real freelancers always work hard to improve their daily life. The Alexa Master community is built to help those freelancers to collect extra more for their earnings, not only money but also knowledge. 

Final word: Money must be funny!

We have seen many community members asking us to do payouts quickly. They might not know about how our staff works on each payout request. Some blames our moderators for making things strict and complex. For everyone, we just have one thing to say. There are bad users who cheat for funny money. From our backend, we see hundreds of fake accounts, low quality user profiles everyday. We need time to filter who is correct and wrong. In case you have a problem, there is a support ticket system where you can talk and share your words. We believe only one thing, money cannot bring us happiness though beautiful people can do! 

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Alice Borbeli

Written By Alice Borbeli

May 31, 2022, 11:09 pm
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