Moderators Blocked Payout Request

Moderators Blocked Your Payout Request? Do you use PayPal or other payment processors? Before everything, you have to read this article.

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Main reason for blocking Alexa Master payouts

There can be several reasons for blocking a payout request. Most of them are easy to fix with the help of our support agents. Somehow, our moderators can lock your payouts forever if you have violated our community guidelines (Terms Of Service). 

Never submit wrong PayPal addresses!

This is a common mistake that our freelancers do. They just add their personal email address to collect payouts. But, our financial team needs a valid PayPal address to send your money. Therefore, always provide a valid PayPal address to collect your payment.

Other Block Payout Reasons

  1. Bot hits on AutoSurf page.
  2. Providing invisible traffic.
  3. PayPal denied the payout.
  4. Provided an incorrect email.
  5. Violated our terms of service.
Moderators Blocked Payout Request
Roxana Crizan

Written By Roxana Crizan

November 7, 2018, 10:38 am
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