Boost Alexa Rank Using 10,000 Free Visitors

Boost Alexa Rank to increase ranking in US, other countries. Get 10,000 free visitors with alexa toolbar. #1 alexa rank booster with alexa backlinks

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How many visitors I need to get better Alexa Rank?

Everyone tried to boost alexa rank in old times. but now, most of web developers are in mobile platforms. Therefore, the worth of alexa rank is going down day by day. Also, Amazon has already started an Artificial Intelligent device called Alexa. It looks like, Alexa ranking is not giving a better competition any more. But still the website is working well and some advertisers are trying to get a better rank from alexa rank software.

To boost alexa rank in US, we recommend you to send at least 10,000 visitors with alexa toolbar, everyday. So how to improve alexa rank in India? it's simple, just send 5,000 visitors with alexa toolbar, everyday. This can take your Alexa rank near to 100,000 border within 1-2 months. 

Top 5 ways to boost alexa rank

  1. Install alexa toolbar/addon/plugin in your browser.
  2. Submit your website to
  3. Create Social media accounts in Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube and link them to your website.
  4. Make some backlinks from Wikipedia, Blogspot and Amazon also.
  5. Keep updating, sharing your website.

How to increase Alexa backlinks?

After submitting your website to boost alexa rank, alexamaster system will submit your URLs to popular forums, blogs, websites, etc. Then they will automatically generate backlinks to your website. Further, you don't have to worry about quality of these backlinks, as they come from reputed domains like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.

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October 21, 2018, 12:18 am
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