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Online Advertising A to Z

Online Advertising is not just spending money and get page views. It must be your hobby that you do everyday. An online advertiser always has a vision. Mainly, an advertiser considers his/her budget, time frame, target revenue and traffic amount, etc. Let say you have $1000/month budget. It means, you need minimum $6000 for 6 months campaign. As an example, the minimum time frame is 3 months. So you allocate $3000 for advertising. But is it enough? Read our blog articles and learn every secret point that an advertiser must know!
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No Advertising, No Traffic!

There is no web traffic if you don't use an online advertising service. Most people think organic traffic is the main option, so they do SEO all the time. Somehow, as our experiences shows us, Search Engines are not the main as they appear to you. Placing a banner ad on a high traffic website can generate you thousands of visitors. Unlike a search engine, a small banner can send you a massive traffic within few hours. We have thousands of high traffic websites and we always advertise our clients on those websites at our first. It's your time to create your online ads with us!

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October 17, 2018, 9:48 am
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