Earn Points Easily, Alexa Master Unlimited Points Tip

Earn points to get free traffic or to exchange points as money. Alexa Master Unlimited Points for beginners & pros.

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Why do you have to earn Points?

Alexa Master system is based on a points system, because it can help advertisers to split their credits in to small parts. Points has its own value and it changes time to time. Unlike a currency, or a crypto, alexamaster points can be destroyed or generated without a help of another currency. Simply, it is a virtual points system that we use to provide a better service to our advertisers and freelancers. What can you do with these points?

  • You can exchange them as website visits (Web traffic) or ad clicks, video views, etc.
  • You can use points to hire a freelancer from Alexa Master Market.
  • You can use them to send messages to another friend.
  • You can exchange points with real money to get payouts.

The way to earn points step by step

  1. Press "Earn Points" from side menu. It will open a new webpage as shown below.
  2. From the menu, you can select different ways to earn points.

Earn Points Easily, Alexa Master Unlimited Points Tip
Alexa Master

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October 22, 2018, 12:25 pm
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