How to find your Master ID - Alexa Master ID

Knowing your Alexa Master ID which is Master ID is important for any user. This tutorial shows how to find it easily from your dashboard.

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Alexa Master ID as known as Master ID is an important unique number that you must know. It might be connected with your advertised content, buying and selling items, remote jobs, autosurfing sessions, and many other things including blogs you write. In this article, I am going to discuss why you must remember this public number for your future.

Master ID is visible to anyone in the community. It represents your identity in our digital environment without exposing your personal data such as email or phone number. Once you have registered an account in our community, the Alexa Master system will assign you this ID automatically. Again I must mention that this number is unique. Nobody else can have your number on our website. But why is it used like this?

Mainly, our system can gather data reports and activity logs under your Master ID by keeping your personal data hidden. Even if I am a staff member, I cannot find your email unless you inform me from your side. Whenever you want to change your email, password, as well as your name, it is possible however your master ID will not be changed. It is great knowing this, but when do you need it to be shared?

  • When you track a purchased order via customer care.
  • Opening your autosurf from another location.
  • Login in to Alexa Master browser plugin/addon.
  • Troubleshooting your user account errors.
  • Tracking your payouts through financial department.

Alexa Master ID is your identity number!

Sometimes, we use your Alexa Master ID to generate QR codes, security tokens, and secret cookies on your browser. Whenever our system needs to verify you, it will decrypt those secrets and identify your Master ID for fast response. Just imagine that you share your promoted link with others and ask them to register in our community. At that time, we will use your Alexa Master ID as referrer to reward you in future.

You can easily find your Master ID by following 2 steps shown below. Please refer to the screenshots.

How to find your Master ID - Alexa Master ID
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September 25, 2022, 11:24 pm
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