Google Adsense React Traffic Bots Very Strictly

Google Adsense react traffic bots and will kill your overall hard work in a flash. Learn how to prevent losing Adsense account from bad bots.

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Can Google Adsense React Traffic Bots?

There are a lot of traffic bots in the web and most of them are free to download. They will say the bot can send traffic from Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But is it true? Only Google can send you Google traffic. Through the search engine, Gmail, Google+, and other Google's products. No other website (Even Facebook) can send any single visitor from Google without the sense of Google. Google can easily identify and trace how you generate traffic. Therefore, never send automated traffic or bot hits to websites that have Google Adsense.

How Traffic Bots Cheat Google?

Traffic bots use an illegal term calls, Spoofing/Cloaking to provide your traffic. There you can select your traffic source as any website. Surprisingly, you can get traffic from Google, Facebook,Twitter, too. Adsense owners that we have met used this kind of bots to get traffic and Google simply blocked their Adsense account. Now what? They lost everything.

How Alexa Master generate Google traffic?

Alexa Master AI will automatically generate an advertising campaign and send visitors to your websites using advertising related GET data. You can track this using Google Analytics. Somehow, this traffic is also not good for Google Adsense. If you want to get 100% benefits from alexamaster, you should only use banner/text advertising section. Also you can hire professional from our market!
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October 18, 2018, 11:56 am
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