Google Adwords For Advertisers

Google Adwords has become #1 advertising tool in the world. Beginner in online advertising? Read this and learn more

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Google Adwords is really expensive

Though, Google Adwords is the biggest ad network in the world, it is too expensive for a beginner. Some people call Google Adwords as a casino machine that sucks your bank account in a short period of time. If you are new to Adwords, do not do anything shown below at fist day.

  1. Selecting high competitive keywords
  2. Adding a lot of keywords to the campaign
  3. Increasing bid value (Example: $2 CPC)
  4. Increasing daily budget or adding unlimited daily budget
Let say you add 100 keywords with $2 CPC (Cost Per Click). If your daily budget is unlimited, Google Adwords is able to charge you up to $3 for each click you get. Assuming you get 100 clicks per day, you might lose $300 easily. Why I say "You lose $300"? Because, actual percentage of monetization is 0-5% in Google Adwords (as our experiences). If you are targeting more revenue from your campaign, maximum success rate will be 5 clicks among 100 clicks.

Imagine you have a news blog or an online forum. Spending $300 for 100 clicks is totally mad and you gain nothing from it. Other hand, if you are a seller of real estate, air tickets, or vehicles, paying $300 for 100 clicks and taking 5 real customers sounds amazing, isn't it? 

Google Adwords For Advertisers

Google Adwords is complicated 

Yes, it is complicated, expensive and very powerful. Google Adwords is the best advertising platform currently available in the market. If you have a good revenue, I recommend you to start advertising with it. Somehow, do not use it if you have a low revenue. It's better using PTC ads or alternative advertisers to save your budget.

Boost Alexa Rank With Adwords 

Never, ever try it with Google Adwords. To boost alexa rank, you need a lot of visits from a lot of different IP addresses. If you are going to achieve it with Adwords, you will be charged a lot of money and yet you will have to continue it every month. There are many websites that sell Alexa traffic and also offer that service (We are not a part of Alexa Ranking system).

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October 17, 2018, 6:46 pm
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