Tactics To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Description on my proven method of increasing the website traffic. It has 11 different tactics. It worked for me and hope the same for you.

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Getting traffic to your blog post is a very hard task but if you follow the below mentioned tactics, it will help you to gain traffic to your blog post. At present time, whoever knows and follows these tricks will gain success. 

1. Choose a trending topic
The present time we are living on is a fast moving and changing time. Don’t waste your time and your blog visitor’s time by writing a blog on old story. If your blog post isn’t upto the current situation, no one will ever visit your blog.

2. Choose a catchy headline
After topic, your headline is the first thing your visitors notice in your blog of the specific niche. Your headline will decide if the visitor will go through the blog post or not. Thus, your headline must be catchy so that it will deliver traffic.

3. Have long keywords
The keyword of your post is best to have of three or four keyword phrases which is very very specific to whatever your post is about. 

4. Write the best content
Having a content which helps your visitors and is of the recent trending topic will surely gain traffic to your blog.

5. Your blog post needs to be search engine optimized
Your blog posts needs to be found by the visitor / researcher quickly and which is easily detected by the search engine. Optimized posts will help to rank the blog better which will help to increase the traffic.

6. Have all the possible keywords to the post 
We have mentioned about similar topic above as well. It’s better to have the keywords that a visitor might search for.

7. Your blog must load quickly
If the server is loaded and your blog takes time to load, no one is going to enjoy the visit of your blog. Your blog needs to load in a flash. It will make your visitor happy. So check your blog speed regularly.

8. Quickly respond to the comments in your blog
Interaction with the visitors is also important to promote your blog. If the author or admin is replying and commenting on the comments left by visitors it will make your blog a community. It will also help for WOM promotion. 

9. Add only quality backlinks in your post
Backlinks is another most important thing that proves your post is interesting among the other found. Number and quality of links pointed to a specific webpage is the major google ranking factor. So always have a high quality backlinks in your post.

10. Post content regularly but not more than 4 posts in a day
To make your blog active, you need to post the content regularly. But it’s better not to have more than 4 posts a day if you post daily. But if you are posting in different days, please choose the trending topic to write.

11. Promote in social media as much as you can
In today’s time, most of us are bound with social media. Almost every internet user is connected with any sort of social media so using social media to promote your blog will surely be a success. 

At the end, if you follow the mentioned tips you will surely have a lot of real visitor traffic.
Raj Shrestha

Written By Raj Shrestha

August 20, 2019, 1:16 am
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Perfect information for the community. It will be wonderful to update those tips for new year. We can see a huge update in SEO lately.

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