Provided low quality visits to the system

Provided low quality visits to the system using AutoSurf or other methods. Did somebody locked your AutoSurf or user account?

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Providing low quality visits to the system using AutoSurf?

Our moderators can lock your AutoSurf if they found you are providing low quality visits to the system. This is not a major issue. Somehow, you will have to contact us and request a complete review. Before everything, you should understand what low quality visits are.

Low quality visits can be generated in different ways,
  1. Adding AutoSurf URL to a traffic bot that keep surfing in background.
  2. Submitting AutoSurf URL to another traffic exchange that use iFrames.
  3. Running the AutoSurf in JavaScript disabled environment or a private window.
  4. Using an IP address that Google has black-listed.
  5. Using Ad-Block plugin or similar addons, plugins.
  6. Using a Domain filter, parental control or White-List plugins.
  7. Activating a Firewall or a Virus guard that blocks opening pages.

How can I start AutoSurf again?

First of all, clear your browser cache and cookies. Then restart you Router/Modem. After this, you must be able to run your AutoSurf if the lock is simple. Otherwise, you have to contact us and restart your AutoSurf facility again.
Provided low quality visits to the system

Reset IP address to unblock AutoSurf

Following example shows how to reset your IP address to restart AutoSurf from the beginning. Please note that you will have to repay if you have delivered low quality traffic to the system. Steps as below,

  1. Press spanner button on AutoSurf list. Then It will open a popup window.
  2. Then type "Yes" and press "Reset" button to reset your IP.

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