Make Money, Online Ways For Commercial Freedom

Make money from Vietnam. The most reputable and sustainable online way you can start to pursue if you want to build yourself a source of passive income.

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Make money online, the Best methods in Vietnam

There are quite a few ways to make money on a reputable, sustainable network that brings in attractive income, but many people do not know how to reach it, so it may be tempting to take short- Even scams lead to loss of money, which takes time but not effective. In this article I will share with you the most prestigious and sustainable forms of online monetization that you can start or continue to pursue if you want to build yourself a source of passive income in the year 2018 offline.

1. Earn money by taking surveys
Online surveys are the most popular form of online money making in Vietnam, which is considered to be the simplest form of online money making. Unlike other forms of monetization, online surveys do not require knowledge of programming or marketing. We just know how to use the internet, know how to register at the site, and you do not need having a computer, just having a smartphone is completely possible to make money. This is a good way to make money online for beginners. Our job is to sign up for free membership and log onto the survey site to answer the survey questions once posted on it, when we answer each survey, the company The survey will pay us the amount of money that is paid, depending on the number of questions per survey.
 Normally every survey of about 5 to 50 sentences, we will receive about 500 to 50,000. The questionnaire was almost a multiple choice question, so to complete each survey we only took about 2 to 10 minutes to complete. One more thing to keep in mind, not every day there is a survey, so when a survey is appropriate for you, the system will notify you via email. Therefore, check your email regularly so that you do not miss any surveys!

In addition to earning money by answering survey questions, these survey companies also allow us to earn additional commission income from referring new entrants to our survey website. With each referral member you will receive about 1,000 to 50,000, many companies also give you a commission as a percentage of your referral income earned, usually about 10 - 20%. Most survey sites charge members for points. Then take these points into cash and then withdraw into the bank account or exchange for the phone charge card.

2. Click PTC (Paid To Click)
PTC stands for Paid To Click, meaning "pay for click". Specifically, you will be paid for each click on the ads provided by a given PTC site. The specific work you must do on the PTC site After registering your account at PTC sites you will be offered a series of advertising links and must follow the requirements of the web then you will have to click each link and wait for each link around 30 seconds. After 30s you will be added $ 0.01 to account (0.01 $ = 160 VND). But every 24h you are only viewed at most 20 ads links.

How to work to get a profit If only click all the links in a web advertising? then every day you will only $ 0.2 is high >> 1 month will be $ 6 is all size. 1 month to earn $ 6 then you do not leave anything. But you would think if you find 15 sites similar to how much money will earn in a month? Maybe so called 15 × 6 = 90 $? This is also a good start because you already know how to view ads and get reputable PTC sites.

Actually, money is not the only one that is highest at that level but it can also be higher if you have more referrals. But what is a referral? Here you will explain to the following: Assuming you convince a person to join the PTC sites with you, then you will give that person a link to register with the name of the referral is you. Once the person successfully enrolls, he or she will become your referral and that person will also be your employee. Although saying the staff but the interests of the same person as you and every time that person click on your link, you will be 100% commission from the link. And thanks to you, the amount of money he will earn will be higher than those who participate alone without a referral.

3. Digging Bitcoin What is Bitcoin?
Why a Bitcoin cost up to 100 million Vietnam Dong?  Bitcoin is a hierarchical and no third party network that mediates it. Digging Bitcoin will help the network confirm transactions from person A to person B, or prevent a person from performing fraudulent acts while dealing with a B or C person. is to help the system automatically operate without going through any intermediary bank (this is Bitcoin's most valuable feature, no one can control Bitcoin, even its creator is Satoshi ).  What is Bitcoin? In the Bitcoin network, every miner competes to be the first to solve the algorithm that the mining system, miners will be paid corresponding to the transaction fee and they process and receive The extra reward for each Bitcoin exploit block, currently is 12.5 Bitcoin / Blocks. Every four years this value is reduced by half.

Thus, it can be confirmed that every 4 years the value of Bitcoin will increase many times, even if it is only 0.01 Bitcoin and to save to the next will certainly be a large amount. According to wikipedia "Bitcoin (BTC) is a hierarchical digital currency based on an open source, peer-to-peer Internet protocol. It was introduced by a developer named Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, which is the most valuable and popular virtual currency on the web today, see What is Bitcoin at Wikipedia. What is the current price of Bitcoin? Price 1 Bitcoin today (16/8/2017) is 4500 $ equivalent to about 104 million Vietnam Dong showing the great strength of this coin (In the future it can increase to $ 7000 - $ 10000/1 Bitcoin is possible, Bitcoin is full of elements like Gold 2.0 on the web. Owning 1 - 2 Bitcoins now dowry for descendants is the wisest investment today. Bitcoin prices may increase after 10 another years many times from now.

4. Make Money With Alexa Master is a site that allows us to make money online in a variety of ways such as: make money from the crashes, make money watching Youtube videos or like FaceBook is also money (If you want to increase the income can use VPS to earn money) This site is $ 1 maxpay $ 5 and need time to check up to 7 days maximum, so a maximum withdrawal month is $ 20 nhé.

First click to start an account before making money: You click "Try It Free" 
Then enter your name, email address, and password, check the box "I agree to terms of service shown here." Then click "Register Now"
Then fill in the numbers on the screen then click "Validate Account" to prove you are acting rather than the robot. Here you fill out the necessary profile information and then Finish.

Then you have completed the registration process. The last job is that you open the email and confirm the registration. Now we make money together.
Click on Open Autosurf to start hanging and make money. There are many ways to earn more money, such as posting services for sale, doing other jobs as requested by others, watching youtube video, watching time is only about 10-15s. Do you know how much money we can make online? a lot of money!
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November 16, 2018, 10:50 pm
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