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Rumel’s SERPs Traffic Optimization To Improve Revenue Per Mile (RPM)

His amazing strategies to improve revenue per mile (RPM) : Rumel Ahmmed from Bangladesh explains SERPs traffic optimization.

Rumel’s SEO Tips NEW - SERPs Traffic Optimization

Let me introduce myself, I am Rumel from Bangladesh. This new article is to post SERPs traffic optimization which guides you to improve revenue per mile (RPM). You must focus body content, keywords on body, internal optimization and external optimization, to be smart.

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Rumel’s SEO Tips NEW : Formation Of SERPs Traffic Optimization

I know you want to improve revenue per mile (RPM), but do you know producing high-quality content, identify the right keywords, optimizing your meta tags, building backlinks to your website, and other? They are there to target body content, keywords on body, internal optimization, external optimization, and other SEO alternatives.

Ahmmed’s First Point: Body Content,

Every Online Money Maker seeks to publish what they go for, even if the content plays a major role in SERPs traffic optimization. To create body content, it is important to fully understand the needs and interests of your target audience, including what types of information they are searching for, moreover the problems they are trying to solve. Once you have a good understanding of this, you can then create informative and engaging content that addresses those needs and offers solutions to their problems.

His Second Point: Keywords On Body ↓ From His 34 Years Adventure,

Just imagine Bing search that you used before, and which ways to find a result from it. Keywords in SEO refer to the words or phrases that users enter into search engines to find information, products, or services related to their query. They are required component of any successful SEO strategy as search engines use them to determine which websites to display in their search results. To learn keywords on body, you must master the process of identifying relevant keywords for a website, based on search volume, competition, and relevancy. Once identified, these keywords can be used with body content, moreover internal optimization, external optimization strategically. Proper keyword utilization can help to improve a website’s rankings, increase organic traffic, and drive more leads to the site.

From Aug, 2014 ↓ Look At: Internal Optimization,

After having body content with keywords on body, you can try internal optimization. It involves optimizing the content of a webpage to make it more relevant and informative to your audience, as well as to the search engine crawlers. Factors like optimization of header tags and meta descriptions, proper URL structures, and the use of image alt tags all serve to improve the relevance and structure of a page for SERPs traffic optimization. Online Money Maker of Bangladesh seeks to work on internal optimization, even if it is easy and bored.

Rumel’s Last Point: External Optimization,

At the end, we focus on external optimization that plays a significant role in boosting a website’s online authority, credibility, and trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines, as it indicates that other websites and online communities view the site’s content to be valuable and relevant. Effective external optimization practices can help a website to generate higher-quality referral traffic as well as help to establish its brand as an industry leader, ultimately leading to improved search rankings and increased organic traffic. Please keep noted that Rumel said, Alexa Master Community is exquisite and required for a neophyte, in this matter.

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Which Ways To Improve Revenue Per Mile (RPM)? Rumel Ahmmed’s Settlement!

Dear audience, every Online Money Maker must be familiar with body content, keywords on body, internal optimization, external optimization, and related stuff, moreover producing high-quality content, identify the right keywords, optimizing your meta tags, building backlinks to your website, to be honest; by reason of these things carry us to improve revenue per mile (RPM) without facing too much problems.

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