SEO Content Writing From Beginning

SEO Content writing explained for beginners. Learn search engine optimization techniques in article writing. Click here to read more

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Content writing for Search Engine Optimization

Content writing is the most important area in SEO. You can write anything but Google is not a human to understand everything you are writing. Specially, Google Search has its own formula (Panda, Penguin, Chimpanzee or whatever algorithm) to rank web pages in their search results. Not only Google, but also Yahoo, Yandex, Naver, Baidu also has its own search algorithm inbuilt. It's totally secret, and hidden from public.

How to deal with Search Engines?

Search engines use keywords to identify and categorize web pages. Let say somebody wants to search "Increase Alexa Rank" related pages. Then the person will type it on search engine. We call it as a keyword. A keyword has a value and also a competition. If there are more than 1 million searches related to "Increase Alexa Rank" keyword, it will be a competitive keyword and climbing to the top result will be very difficult. 

How to start writing a competitive web page?

  1. Find out a good keyword first of all. (Eg: "Increase Alexa Rank")
  2. Find out at least 5 related keywords to this main keyword.
  3. Start writing and mention your main keyword in first line. (Eg: "Increase alexa rank in 7 days")
  4. Write more than 500 words and mix your keyword and related keywords in text.
  5. Add at least 2headers with your main keyword. (h2 tags)
  6. Add minimum 2 images with alt tags that has your target keyword.
SEO content writing is not done yet. Search engines normally check your keyword density automatically. If you have exceeded keyword density value, then search engine will identify your page as a keyword spammer. Our recommendation is to add your keyword only 20 times if you write 500 words in the page. 
SEO Content Writing From Beginning

Meta data plays the main role

Every webpage must have meta tags in section in the HTML file. Meta title, is the tag which must show your keyword as a title, and it must be less than 60 characters in length. Meta description will be the summary of your article and it also must show your keyword at least one time. The length must be less than 160 characters in meta description. Click here to read to add meta data to a html file.

SEO content writing has more areas

Here I have written only basic points. You should always keep in mind these few points and further I will be writing more articles to explain SEO Content Writing for beginners. Plus, check the image below and understand how your meta title and description will be visible in search results. Wish you all the best with Search Engine Optimization!
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October 18, 2018, 8:25 am
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