6 Advanced SEO techniques for your website

Google ranks the sites that are being loaded quickly. This improves the user experience and so they get more traffic to a higher rank and visibility.

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6 Advanced SEO techniques for your website

If you have already invented digital marketing for your business and used SEO to do the same, you should know that some techniques even need to be addressed while using SEO. There will be many companies that try to win you by claiming that you will receive higher rankings and site visits in no time. This is usually a fake claim and has confused the name of SEO.

SEO also needs strategies and planning, just like any other form of marketing. Some SEO techniques are useful for companies to get a better ranking. These techniques must be included in the SEO strategy, because this generates a higher turnover for the traffic that significantly increases the site.

1. Your website must load quickly

Google ranks the sites that are being loaded quickly. This improves the user experience and so they get more traffic that leads to a higher rank and visibility. A slow loading website is disabled for the customer and he will not wait for the website to load.

To make your website load faster, remove the useless links and data on your website and optimize the media sizes to minimize the size of your website.

Use Google tools to find out how fast your speed is. If your website scores well on these tools, you reduce your bounce rate. If not, there are several ways you can deal with this; either by using a website development or an SEO company that will optimize your website as required, or the Google tool you use for speed research, will also provide your specific recommendations to solve the problem that you can apply .

2. Use longer keywords and meta descriptions

Keywords play a crucial role in determining the ranking of your website. But being too specific for the keywords can be a disadvantage for your website. You limit the number of searches in which you can appear.
Let's be honest; you will face some of the biggest names in your industry. There will be a number of specific queries where you will not get grades, but if you optimize your website according to a more extensive keyword, which may have secondary queries than the original, but still enough to give you a fair amount of traffic. your website will do well.
You must also use longer meta descriptions. Short metadata have become superfluous by Google, because it prefers longer descriptions and does not cut them off like in the past. Meta descriptions are a good way to describe your company without giving everything. If used wisely, they can boost your SEO ranking.

3. Make your websites mobile-friendly

Because people now surf the internet more and more via their smartphones, Google places pages that are more mobile-friendly than others. This makes a big difference because many large players do not have websites that respond to mobile phones and thus take them out of the race if your website is mobile-friendly. You can check whether your website is mobile-friendly via various mobile-friendly tracking tools.

4. Post quality content

Gone are the days for quantity over quality. You can override your visitors by placing unnecessary content that has no meaning or meaning. You can not underestimate the intelligence of your visitors; That is why you must place content on your website or outside your website that is informative, up-to-date and creative.

If you post content that is commonplace and repetitive, you may in some way achieve higher grades; later your website will lose this ranking. This is because Google loves content that is new and original in a certain way.
You should regularly post blogs and update the content regularly according to Google's specifications. This will certainly help bring a rebound to your rankings.

In addition to this, continue to publish older blogs after they have been updated.

5. Do not stay with Google alone

Although 75% of search queries are conducted via Google, companies go wrong for a large part of the public by restricting themselves to Google only. You must thoroughly investigate which other search engines receive a large number of Internet surfers. This is the part that is usually ignored by many established companies. It is therefore a good bank to check in. Yahoo and Bing are two such search engines. Keep in mind that Google has its guidelines for SEO; therefore, your SEO techniques can not be the same for all platforms.

Your site can achieve high visibility in other search engines and this will take your business to a higher level. Rest assured, 90% of searches on Google do not go beyond the first page. So if your site is not on the first page, you probably will not get a lot of traffic through Google. However, this can be compensated by other search engines.

6. Backlinks and internal link are essential

Google has identified Backlinking as one of the healthiest ways to improve your SEO, provided you do this on high quality and relevance websites. This will prove to be a certain authenticity for your online presence, and people will be able to find you more easily. However, you must keep in mind that Google is very strict when it comes to backlinking. It prohibits the sites that use cheap and irrelevant sites to provide visitors with backlinking. These sites waste time and data from users and bring their mobile phones or PCs at high risk to come into contact with malicious content.

To prevent your website from being penalized or banished, you ensure that the backlinking is only done with websites of excellent quality and relevant websites. This ensures the long term of your site and is good for your SEO.

Similarly, internal linking between the blogs that you have placed on your website is also very useful for SEO. The visitor must receive a link from another blog while reading a blog on your website. This will help you to keep the visitor engaged for a long time, and he will possibly change into a customer at some point. For this you have to make sure that the content you have posted is not preachy or sloppy, but clear and self-explanatory.

Keep an eye on the ever-changing policy to link and understand what works best. Do not resort to cheaper tricks in backlinking via false links. Let the links be organic and clear.

Take these steps into your SEO strategies and your website will grow in rankings and visibility. These are often overlooked by companies that depend on cheaper SEO techniques to give their websites a boost in a short time. However, this short-lived success has slandered the name of SEO. Nevertheless, due to the easy accessibility of search engines, it is still one of the best methods to market digitally, perhaps the second most in social media marketing.
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