How To Upload User Avatar, Alexa Master Profile Tips

Upload user avatar, profile picture, your face in to Alexa Master profile. Unlock payout feature in alexamaster system.

upload user avatar image

Why do we need to see your face?

User Avatar, Profile Picture, Face or whatever you call is the only way we can see your beautiful face. We love to see your real face and want to share our profits with good human all over the world. Your face picture will be public and our other members can identify you easily when they chat with you. Somehow, we understand your privacy and we don't force you to upload your user avatar if you don't like. Anyway, to unlock payout feature, you have to upload your User Avatar as shown below.

How to upload User Avatar in Alexa Master

  1. Click anywhere as shown on #1. It will open a photo uploader window.
  2. Browse your pictures in computer/phone as given criteria. (PNG format)
  3. Press upload button to finish. It will take sometime to upload if you have a low bandwidth.
Anyway, clear your browser cache if you cannot see the updated User Avatar in profile.

How To Upload User Avatar, Alexa Master Profile Tips
Alexa Master

Written By Alexa Master

October 22, 2018, 12:48 pm
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