Withdraw Points From Your Websites, Manage Traffic List

Withdraw points in website list, manage your points to get more traffic, ad views, clicks from Alexa Master system.

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When do you have to withdraw points?

If you want to stop traffic from a website, you can simply withdraw points and delete it. Somehow, deleting or withdrawing feature has restrictions by considering fraud protection rules. You may need VIP membership to run these commands without any interruption. Please contact our support agents to get more support in real time.

The way to withdraw points in few steps

  1. Find "Get Visitors" link from side menu. It will open your websites in a list.
  2. Press grey colored "-" button as shown on #2. It will open "Withdraw Points" popup window.
  3. Type how many points you need to withdraw (NOTE: Do not withdraw points from active websites, if you want to keep the traffic.)
  4. Press "Withdraw Points" button to finish. It will show a success message if it is done. Otherwise, you will see an error message.
  5. If it is success, you can see an update in your website points as shown on #5.
Withdraw Points From Your Websites, Manage Traffic List
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October 22, 2018, 1:28 am
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