Easy methods to gain YouTube money

Find how to gain YouTube money easily. Five different ways to profit from YouTube away from ads, Adsense or any other partnership.

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Easy methods to gain YouTube money

Here in this blog I provide you some methods that can help gaining profits from your YouTube channel.  Recently, everyone wants to profit from YouTube, but many of you have a channel on YouTube and search for how to profit from it. The way people are profited is through Adsense advertising and monetization, but with the new and strict rules of YouTube, It's a bit difficult, because you have to have a lot of content for your subscribers. So I brought you five different ways to profit from YouTube away from ads Adsense or any other partnership.

Method 1 : Ads of the Bartender Ship 

As everyone knows, you can earn money through your channel views through the ads of the Bartender Ship. Profit varies from one country to another in real profit, which exists in foreign channels.

Method 2: Review the products 

Once your channel reaches 10,000 subscribers or more, you can reach out to product vendors to send you products, review them and get money for it.

Method 3: Profit through marketing for corporate services

Once your channel becomes famous and contains subscribers and many views, some companies will ask you to market and advertise for their services and pay you for this

Method 4: Marketing for programs and applications

This method depends on working with cpa sites and marketing for their applications in your channel through attractive and indirect titles, for example: the best program for editing, this is the application that I use in... and thus achieve a good profit.

Method 5 and unknown: Property rights

Once YouTube has verified your channel and content and has documented your channel, you have the right to activate the "profit from everyone who uploads my video" option. For example, when someone takes your own video and uploads it in their channel, the views that will be brought will be calculated for you and that. You will be the winner of them.

Bonus Method: Use a traffic generator 

Also you can use traffic generator to bring views to your channel and the best one is using alexamaster, it's free and you will benefit a lot of from it.
Easy methods to gain YouTube money

Do not waste your time on social media

Specially, social media are designed to keep members addicted to it. If you are a freelancer, you must manage your time and social media can be a main barrier for your growth. Always use an automated method to post on social media using an API or similar. Then it will keep you away from time wasting contents on social media, while you are posting your YouTube videos on them.
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November 19, 2018, 10:45 pm
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