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work at home, earn money

Work at home - Earn money online

Join freelancers who work at home to earn money online. Sell your freelance services to a huge customer base to gain profit. Minimum payout is $1 via PayPal. It is your time to explore the awesomeness.

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$ USD, Payouts Since 2013

Our freelancers get paid via PayPal at least 1 time per week. Each transaction will be moderated by a staff member to identify cyber-threats and fake-identities. Freelancers who satisfy our criteria and Terms of Service will be paid as soon as possible.

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Things to do when you work at home

After joining our community as a freelancer, you will find many areas to work from your home to earn money from our website. As the unemployment rate skyrockets these days, our intention is to provide more opportunities to our members to work at home to earn extra money for their needs. There are many activities that you can do here to make some money.

small jobs

Sell Freelance Services

Become a seller who sells virtual services and products in our marketplace. Let someone hire you to work remotely. We change your life!

vote websites

Check and vote websites

Help us to identify good/bad websites and make the Internet clean. Become a moderator who finds out malicious websites.

promote alexamaster

Promoting our community

Help your friends and others to understand our community and its benefits. Share this website over social media.

watch videos

Watch YouTube videos

Visit our advertised YouTube channels and watch their videos by sharing your feelings. Help startup businesses to climb to the top.

fan pages like

Join social media pages

Visit and like our community members' fan pages to support their startup businesses. Share your thoughts on their social pages.

daily bonus

Claim daily bonus & gifts

Our freelancers win gift points everyday and active members win a prize every hour. You can be lucky here!

winner of hour

Lucky winner of the hour

Active members will participate in this contest and the winner earns extra. Randomly selected members will unlock VIP features for 3 days.


AutoSurf Websites

Let your computer work for you while you are sleeping. Monetize your remote computers using our amazing AutoSurf tool.

We focus on freelancers who want to earn money

Everyone needs the freedom in their life. Working under someone is always painful for creative people. Here we let you find small jobs to do when you are free anytime in the day. Our intention is to gather all freelancers into one community to help advertisers who need cheap yet an effective marketing process to compete with their advertisers.

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earn money freelancer

One of success stories

Fabian Landaeta Vera joined our website in 2017. His success story is behind his technical knowledge in server-based applications. He troubleshoots our AutoSurf system and helps our system to identify websites that violate our Terms of Service.

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Our Payout Process

Rodica Grecu, Co-Founder and Financial Manager of alexamaster holds responsibilities related to your payouts. Once your transaction is approved by our moderators, she will complete your transaction within 24 hours.

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We have limits. Read before starting your work!

Our minimum payout is $1 USD and We normally send our payouts 2-3 times per week. We have been in this business since 2013, therefore we maintain our Terms of Service very carefully. Please contact us if you have any doubt about our service.

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