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Hi I gift u rdp. Ram 1g intal core i3 hp pc. U can open it from your pc net work very fast.

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Almost all users, who are interested in building safe connection between computers in the Internet, have heard about RDP and VPN. Most forums about safe internet browsing advise visitors to use RDP and VPN for communication with remote websites and servers to maintain anonymous internet browsing. At first glance, such advices seem to be too complicated for average web users and can be understood only by computer network professionals. However, even a beginner user is able to configure VPN and RDP connection for establishing an anonymous access to web resources. First, we need to understand the situations when an ordinary user, who is not familiar with network administration issues, need to establish a secure connection to remote devices. Historically, VPN was used by large corporations for their remote employees, so they could get a remote access to corporate servers and work with company’s documents from remote computers. Later, this feature became useful for ordinary PC users, searching for methods of establishing an anonymous and secure access to web resources. How it works. In fact, there are 3 common steps for establishing an anonymous connection to web resources. First, you need to use SOCKS proxy for IP spoofing to change your real IP and hide the fact, that you are using proxy. Connection to this SOCKS proxy must be configured on the dedicated remote server, used as another proxy to hide your activity from your internet provider. Second, you need to create a secured connection to this dedicated server using VPN and RDP. This can be illustrated with a following schematic drawing:
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