The 5-Minute Guide to a Successful YouTube Channel

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With more than one billion users, knowing how to build a successful YouTube channel, can introduce some fantastic opportunities for your business. After Google acquired YouTube in 2006, it has gone on to become the world's second largest search engine. A recent survey released by HubSpot revealed that when given a choice between video or text, 72 percent of people chose the video to learn more about a product or service. As an ever-growing platform, YouTube is full of engaged, active consumers, and by implementing it into your online marketing strategy, you can discover the opportunity to connect with a massive audience to spread brand awareness and grow your company. Unfortunately, only about nine percent of small businesses are utilizing the power of YouTube, because they are intimidated by the time and effort that is required to succeed on the video platform. While anyone can set up a YouTube channel, being able to make it successful is a lot more challenging. Having a successful YouTube channel doesn't mean making a crazy viral video that provides you with just five minutes of fame, but rather being able to create a stable business model to help you build an audience and grow your brand. If you're not afraid of the hard work that will have to go into creating a successful YouTube channel to improve your business, then this 5-Minute guide is for you.

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