Ha Giang Loop Itinerary, free night in a homestay

Ha Giang Loop Itinerary for a motorbike solo traveller, tourist groups or foreign families. I working in a local company, I give you one night free

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Ha Giang Loop Itinerary, free night in a homestay
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Instructions To Buyers:

Ha Giang loop is the most exotic and adventurous trip for a solo traveller, young couple, backpacker groups as well as families. I work with a local tour company, so I am giving you a special itinerary for the Ha Giang loop. I can provide a rented motorcycle also for solo travellers. 

My service includes Ha Giang Loop Itinerary for Hoang Su Phi district is a new destination for travellers. I can provide Itinerary for the old loop but it takes 5 days at least. This new loop can be covered within 2 days if you are a fast rider. I will make you the best for your choice, if you can message me. I will also add following to this service,
  1. Free one night (including breakfast) in a selected homestay.
  2. Special discount for renting a motorbike.
  3. A special visit to a minority village.
  4. Contact of a minority center in Ha Giang.
Traveling to Ha giang by motorcycle is really adventurous and memorable. But you must be prepared to face the risk on the road as the way to Ha Giang loop is very dangerous for tourists. I will recommend you to carry a first aid kit and some extra protection while the tour. Please contact me if you need more details before buying.

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