One of the main reasons for problems arising within the marriage relationship is the element of incompatibility, then couple finds themselves locked

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In order to be able to ensure the relationship has a better chance of survival; both parties should question their roles and perceptions linked to the relationship. You should discuss compatibility, understanding, cooperation, similar hobbies, types of interests, points of disagreements and joy and any other elements that would dictate the kind of participation either party will extend towards the relationship.

When it comes to the negative aspect within the relationship, both parties should be acutely aware of how these situations are tackled and the duration the negativity is present until there is some resolution in sight. There will also be a need to examine how these resolutions are sought and incorporated for the aim of getting the relationship back on track.

These questions are well worth exploring within the beginnings of the relationship as this is helpful in dictating the eventual course the relationship will take. It is also be a good way to gauge the potential for pursuing this particular relationship and what the eventual goals expected are.

In order for a relationship to work, both parties must be equally committed to the idea of making the relationship work as best as possible. This includes exploring ways to spend time with each other without the need to be forced into doing so.

Making an effort to spend time together is very important if the couple intends to grow the relationship and to keep it happy and healthy for a long time to come. Without the effort to spend quality time together, the couple may find themselves eventually drifting apart and this may even lead to the eventual possibility of divorce.

It is especially important to make time for each other, especially if both parties live very active and hectic professional lives. When this happens, it becomes very easy to use work and other distractions as an excuse to not make time for each other. This or course is a very bad habit to have surface during a relationship.

The following are some recommendations on how to create the ideal platform for spending quality time together to keep the relationship current and strong:

Before the relationship actually gets to the present stage, both parties will have done things together that were enjoyable enough for them to consider taking the next step in establishing a relationship. Therefore, making the effort to continue to indulge in these same activities will be beneficial to the relationship.

Finding new things to do together that both parties will enjoy is another good way to create the opportunity to spend some time together as a couple. These new activities should ideally be the kind that both parties will enjoy, however sometimes it may be necessary to indulge in something that only one of the partners really enjoy.

When it comes to keeping any relationship alive and exciting, there is usually the need to spice up things occasionally. This can be done through the use of love letters or perhaps going on date nights.

In the initial stages of the new relationship, these two activities are very much indulged in and even expected. However, sadly, as the relationship progresses to a more familiar phase, both parties may start taking each other for granted and one of the most popular ways of the perception becoming evident within the relationship is the lack of love letters and date nights.

Most people make the mistake of thinking that such indulgences are no longer needed or necessary, thus falling into the rather boring routine that will eventually lead to the relationship getting into troubled waters. Couples who fail to continue these activates as the relationship progresses, risk being taken for granted, and when outside opportunities present themselves, there is always the possibility of being tempted to indulge in these temptations as they will find ways to justify such indulgences.

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