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Search Engine Optimisation Consultant.SEO
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Business Marketing graduate from Manchester, UK. With a high degree of success driving online, website traffic using organic means. Currently working as Head of SEO for a number of clients in the Music Industry, Charity, Legal, Games and Manufacturing. I am also a Shareholder of a Loan Agency. I will be delighted to help you with any On Page & Off Page SEO technical/ ranking issues you may have. Driving ROI is what I am all about, being an expert in Wix, Shopfiy, Wordpress and Squarespace SEO Development, I use organic, Free methods of ranking and ensuring you out-perform your competitors.

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On-Page SEOTechnical SEOSEO auditLocal SEOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)SEO
Digital marketing

Hi, Thank you for checking out my page. I'm Nicole, Certified Digital Marketing Specialist with A bachelor's degree in Communications majoring in Marketing and Public Relations. I have worked with businesses large and small for the past 3 years and have developed my skills to grow and market ANY business. My job is to tailor my expertise to YOUR business and achieve GROWTH in the online world.

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