I will promote it to Korean people.

If there is something you want to promote to Koreans, I will promote it through my blog. I will also answer your questions about Korea.

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I will promote it to Korean people.
writing & translation

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Instructions To Buyers:

Promote to Koreans

Do you want to promote your company or products in Korea? If so, please use my blog. Send me what you would like to promote and I will post it on my blog. Any products are welcome.

The contents of my blog will be exposed in Naver search, which is the most used by Koreans, and will help you promote your ad. The blog is visited by at least 500 people a day, and it is well exposed in the top search.

Since the blog has a lot of pet-related content, it will be especially effective when promoting pet-related content. I have been running this blog since 2012.

If you want to promote through my blog, please send me a picture along with the text, it will help me write an article.

If there are any keywords you would like to highlight, please let us know.

Introduction to proper vocabulary usage

In addition, if you have any questions about communicating with Koreans, please ask to me. In this regard, I will explain the way Koreans think.

I will help you use the proper vocabulary when translating from English to Korean. If you use language that suits the Korean sentiment, it will be helpful for publicity.

For example, the word 'hello' can be translated into various Korean languages such as "Hello(안녕하세요)", "Nice to meet you(반가워요)", "Welcome(환영합니다)", and "Welcome(어서오세요)".

Like this, I'll let you know which words are appropriate for the overall flow of the context.

Translate to korean

Please tell me what you would like to translate. I will translate it into written or colloquial form.

I will translate into written language for formal formalities and spoken language for everyday conversational content.

In the case of technical terminology, please leave a comment and I will refer to it and translate it into Korean.

Please let me know if you have a specific target to convey. I will translate the article to the content appropriate to the situation.

thank you!

Donghyun Lee

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