Ken burns effect video with particles and lights

Ken burns effect video with particles, glowing lights from still photos. Price starts from USD 10 and may vary depending on the complexity.

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Ken burns effect video with particles and lights
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It takes 2 Days to deliver this service!

Please read this page carefully before ordering this service. You are advised to understand the seller’s instructions and delivery time. If need the delivery before 2 Days, please contact the seller and request decreasing the delivery time.

Instructions To Buyers:

In this photo to video animation service, we will create a moving video with a Ken Burns effect. We can also add lens flares and particles floating effects to the videos. If you have lighting fixtures in the photos, we can add a shimmering, glowing, flickering effect to animate the images and bring the pictures to life.

Lens flares also can be used for added realism.

These videos can add an extra layer of professionalism to your social media posts, slideshows, event photos, etc.

Don't be hesitated to contact us before you order this service, so that we can check out the photos and let you know if they can be used to create creative and professional looking videos. 

Have a wonderful day!

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