Designing automation software on website or window

I am an automation programmer who can write embedded code or program automated applications on web platforms such as extensions or on windows platform

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Designing automation software on website or window
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To work with me, please describe the jobs you require in the most detail, what platform do you need to automate, what do your work need to automate?

For example get bitcoin price information from binance or P2P exchange rate, or an extension that automatically watches your youtube,


1 example: i need to monitor btc/usdt binance rate then set it to help me automatically buy when the price of btc drops to 20,000 usdt for 1 btc then check if btc rate is big more than 21,000 usdt then sell all my bitcoins

2 examples: I need a code that can automatically turn off a light bulb at 7pm, then turn it on and then turn off at 3am the next morning.

Nguyen Vu Quy

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