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5 days of INTENSE social signals - Fb shares, twitter tweets, Google plus posts, pinterest pins, Tumblr posts, and more!

It takes 5 Days to deliver this service!

Please read this page carefully before ordering this service. You are advised to understand the seller’s instructions and delivery time. If need the delivery before 5 Days, please contact the seller and request decreasing the delivery time.

Instructions To Buyers:

5 Days of INTENSE Social media advertising / social signals! ✔ Fb likes ✔ Fb shares ✔ Tweets ✔ Twitter Followers ✔ Google+ ✔ Pinterest pins ✔ pinterest followers ✔ YouTube subscribers ✔ Tumblr posts ✔ Stumble Upon/Mix post ✔ WordPress post ✔ Blogger post ✔ Backlinks ✔ Bookmarking ✔ Directory submitting Please send payment along with your URL and a short description ad. (No more than 150 characters) Contact me via AlexaMaster messengers Thanks, Glenn - Strategic Innovation Marketing Solutions
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