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How to start weight loss and i

How to start weight loss and i
How to start weight loss and increase your energy
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How to start weight loss and increase your energy

Imagine if you could wake up every morning feeling amazing. Instead of waking up with a headache, or struggling to open your eyes !!!

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Imagine if you could wake up every morning feeling amazing. Instead of waking up with a headache, or struggling to open your eyes because you’re still so tired; you just leap out of bed full of life and ready to go and take on the day.

This energy is then enough to carry you through workouts, through your office job and through the evenings when you still have enough left in the tank to chat to play with your family. You have enough to work on projects, to keep the house clean and tidy and to make the very most of every last hour. And imagine if you had the dream physique you’ve always wanted: flat abs, ripped muscle and skin that looks glowing and healthy.

Of course, there’s no quick fix that can make all of this a reality, but it is a very good aim to have. And actually, there are just a few simple things you can do that will immediately take you a lot closer to that reality. One of them is just to start drinking a smoothie every day.Really? A smoothie? A drink hat can improve your health, your mood, your appearance and your energy levels?

Definitely – and much more as well! In this book you’ll learn how smoothies can change your life and you’ll discover easy recipes for smoothies that boost immunity, fight stress, improve athletic performance, build muscle, fight cancer and MUCH more. Let’s take a look at just how it happens…

Why We Need Nutrients A smoothie is of course a blend of different fruits and vegetables. You simply take a bunch of fruits, drop them into a blender and hit ‘go’ so that your drink will be ready to consume. It’s a simple process but it’s enough to give you a drink that not only tastes amazing but also provides you with a ton of nutrition. And this is the key word: nutrition. What is incredibly important for all of us, is that we eat a nutrient dense diet.

That is to say that it isn’t good enough that we view our diet just as a source of fuel – it also must be a source of raw materials that provide us with enhanced performance and health. The old saying that you ‘are what you eat’ is literally true. Your muscles, your bones, your hormones, your brain cells, your immune system and your digestive enzymes are all made from nutrients in your food and that’s what makes it so important.

When you consume fruits, meats or vegetables, your body will proceed to break them down and then use the constituent parts to perform numerous jobs throughout your system. These help you to grow, to develop, to fight illness and to function optimally. And it’s no coincidence that we need fruits, vegetables and other ingredients to thrive. After all, these are the things we evolved eating.
It’s not that our biology forced us to seek out these foods – the foods were available and so our biology adapted to survive on them. We need these ingredients to thrive then and without them, we start to literally fall apart. We start to see signs of poor health such as difficulty sleeping, brittle hair and nails, weaker bones and lack of muscle tone.

Our eyes aren’t quite as white and we lose the spring in our step. Our hormones fall out of whack and we eventually start to see serious illnesses and other conditions slowly arise. And this isn’t the exception. This isn’t a rare and unfortunate scenario that only some people experience… this is the norm

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