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optimising mysql

optimising mysql
Optimising MySQL slow queries in your server
Web & Security

Optimising mysql slow queries in your server

Fixing all MySQL related errors, slow queries and indexing issues. Adding Backup options and investigate for SQL injections with PHP support.

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More Details About optimising mysql

You get your delivery within 7 Days
With this service your database will be optimised and boosted to its maximum speed. If it is an online database, backup will be generated before making changes to the system. During the maintenance, I will specially look after following areas.
  1. Infections of MySQL injections.
  2. Fixing index issues (need to read the scripts).
  3. Replacing badly written logics and indexes.
  4. Migration from old version to the latest one.

Limitation of this service

  • Database size cannot exceed more than 3MB.
  • Accept only maximum 3 scripts (less than 10,000 lines per each).
  • Cannot work with databases which are corrupted by hardware.
Please feel free to contact me for more details!

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