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Alexa Master Plugins & Extensions

We keep updating our Mobile Apps, Firefox Addons, Chrome Extensions and here you can find their latest versions.


alexamaster pro


alexamaster pro


alexamaster pro


How to install alexamaster pro versions?

We have 2 types of alexamaster plugins/extensions which are Original and Pro versions. Original plugins can be downloaded easily from given links, however pro versions are designed for experts who can install a plugin, an addon, an extension manually. If you are going to install a pro version, you must activate developer mode in your web browser to continue the installation. Below, we have shown a step by step method to install the plugin.

  • Update your browser to the latest Firefox or Chrome.
  • Install Alexa Browser Extension: Download Here
  • Download latest Alexa Master Pro from above.
  • If Google Chrome [Video Tutorial Here],
    1. Extract/unzip the downloaded zip file.
    2. Need a free software to unzip? Try 7-Zip: axm.am/7zip.
    3. Turn on developer mode on your Browser.
    4. Click "Load Unpacked" button on top left corner and install.
  • If Mozilla Firefox [Video Tutorial Here],
    1. Open drop menu on top-right corner.
    2. Click Add-ons from the list.
    3. Click the Wheel(Cog) button. It will open a drop menu.
    4. Click install add-on from file and install downloaded file.
  • After installation, find alexamaster logo on the top-right corner and click.

Alexa Master Plugins & Extensions - Old Versions

Following versions of Alexa Master Plugins & Extensions are outdated, deprecated or removed from the use. We still keep records of these versions to help our members to identify changes, bugs and other issues.