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Short URLs to Protect Brands!

Build your brand using powerful, meaningful Short URLs such as Bu.lk/Ads. Add a password, Block unwanted visitors and monetize your traffic. Try the next generation of URL shortening services that boost your online business.

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Protect children from dangerous URLs

We focus on children who have no idea about the links that they click. Our Short URLs come with a special child lock, password protection and a country lock which our advertisers can maintain the final result of the shortened link. Our 24/7 active moderators keep cleaning our network from bad advertisers, frauds and hackers who abuse our service. Let us save the children!

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Find trusted visitors and track them

We understand that you cannot monitor every link which you share via emails, social media, SMS, and hard copies such as business cards, leaflets, etc. Therefore, we use a simple, yet powerful analytics report to filter your visitors with the help of a nice QR code. Our powerful web traffic statistics and data records will show you the benefits of using our system to promote your online business.

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Why should you use Alexa Master short URLs?

Unlike other URL shortener services, Alexa Master platform brings you a bunch of features that surprise your digital marketing life. Since 2013, our developer and the crew were researching many areas related to link building and off-site SEO. Having a Short URL will not only improve your search engine optimization, but also it will protect your brand names from third-parties.

Meaningful URLs

Our Short URLs have a deep meaning. Bu.lk/Cars sounds Bulk Cars, at the first sight!

Password Lock

Lock your links using a powerful password which will secure your contents from strangers.

Adults Only

You can easily put a child lock with an age verification that filter only 18+ visitors.

Country Lock

Localize your links for a selected country and block the link for other countries.

Real-time Analytics

Analyze your visitors using charts, maps that clearly provide advanced data (Read our data policy).

QR Code

We provide you a QR code and support monetizing your link to withdraw commission via PayPal.

People Click What They See!

Busy people; Lazy people! Skimming on the screen until they find something impressive. Our powerful URL Shortener will build you a link like Bu.lk/TryItFREE to catch your audience in a flash. Also, it is recommended to convert your important links to the short form to access them in future without any delay. Our powerful short URLs will keep all your secrets inside your Alexa Master profile which is protected by your own password. Curious to learn more about Alexa Master features? It is time to read more about our digital marketing services and use short URLs to protect brands!

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